Dog diaper fitting and adjustments
Below should help you determine if the size doggey
diaper you received is fitting your pet correctly.  When
you receive your male/female dog diaper, insert the
disposable diaper/pad into the trousers and try them on
your pet.  Review the instructions below to ensure you
have the correct size.
Large doggey diaper (Cleo weighs 89 lbs)
  • This is the correct way the doggie diaper should be
    fitting on your pet.  The square on their back
    should be towards the center of their back and not
    pulled towards their rear-end.  The triangle portion
    behind the neck should be right at the base of their
    neck and not pulled back behind their shoulder
    area (the shoulder buckles can be tightened to
    achieve this).  By keeping the garment forward
    towards their head/neck, will keep the disposable
    diaper/pad (inside) in the correct position (the loop
    behind their neck can be tightened to achieve this).
  • Notice that the garment is loose around her ribs so
    while she curls into a ball her ribs can expand
    without having the fabric restrict her breathing
    causing discomfort.
  • The inserted disposable diaper is "lifted" inside of
    the garment which hugs the dog's body, leaving
    the garment itself to be loose and more comfortable
    for your pet.
  • The elastic legs (the part under the hind quarters)
    should be snug under each hind leg.  If the elastic
    hangs/sags, a smaller size is needed.  
  • The rear-end portion of the trousers should come
    up to the base of their rectum (and not cover it up)  
    If there is more than a 1" gap in between the end of
    the fabric and their rectum, a larger size is needed
    or the straps around their tail need to be cinched
    tighter.(this only relates to females).  If the fabric is
    covering up their rectum, a smaller size is needed.  
  • Notice that the disposable baby diaper edges are
    exposed.  Do not fold the corners or edges of the
    diaper to conceal it.  In doing so may cause urine to
    roll over the top of the paper of the disposable
    diaper and could cause leaks.
  • We send along a hang tag which shows how to
    install the disposable diaper into the trousers:
  • 1)  Open the disposable diaper and fold/crease it
    lengthwise to shape the diaper in between their
  • 2)  There are 4 Velcro flaps.  3 of them will be used
    at all times.  The one closest to the rear is for
    females and the one in between their legs is for
    males.  Open the appropriate rear flap (and leave it
    open at all times until the garment is ready to be
    washed).  Press the "soft" Velcro part of the baby
    diaper (the portion that has a cartoon character on
    it) onto the now exposed rough Velcro you have
    opened up.  Notice that you can lift the diaper quite
    easily off the Velcro - this is supposed to happen.  
    Once your pet's body is against the diaper, the
    Velcro holds the diaper from shifting from side to
    side and front to back.
  • 3)  The 2 side flaps are both for males and
    females.  Open both side flaps and insert each of
    the "Velcro arms" of the disposable diaper.  For
    males - put the tabs to the furthest point towards
    his front legs.  For females - put the tabs to the
    furthest point towards her back legs.  Then close
    the flaps (pressing the Velcro together) over the top
    to keep the arms secure.  The diaper is now secure
    within the trousers.
  • The above does not relate to XXXS, XXS, XS, XS
    Plus.  These sizes use an adult Tena pad. Remove
    the paper, exposing  the adhesive backing and
    place the pad where most appropriate for your
    male or female.  There are different absorption
    levels within pads, so purchase the type which best
    suits your pet's urination level.
  • The dog diapers are washable.  The washing
    instructions are on the back side of the tag/label
    with our logo.  "Machine wash warm, no bleach,
    hang to dry".  Drying the garment on heat
    deteriorates the waterproofing membrane as well
    as cracks the buckles by constantly hitting the
    sides of the dryer.  Drying the garment in the dryer
    will cause fraying of the mesh since other clothing,
    unclosed Velcro flaps, or objects will constantly rub
    up against the fabric.  Please make sure all Velcro
    flaps are closed as the Velcro will definitely snag
    the fabric in the wash.  
  • Each dog diaper size is approximately 1-2 inches
    bigger (XS Series), 2-3 inches bigger (Small-Med-
    Large) and 3-4 inches bigger (XL-XXL) than the
    previous size.  With this in mind, if the size you
    ordered does not seem to be a perfect fit, it is very
    likely that the next size will be.
  • There are 6 possible adjustments on the dog
    diaper.  There are a variety of ways to adjust this
    for a great fit.  The key to proper fitting is the length
    and the rear legs as mentioned above.  If those are
    met, the size is more than likely correct and now all
    you need to do is adjust all the straps to
    accommodate your pet.
  • If you have all the straps extended as far out as
    possible, you more than likely need the next size
    up.  This may not necessarily be the case if it is the
    side straps only (for weight gain) that are extended
    out as far as possible.
  • Once you have a proper fit, the trousers work
    excellent for both male and female dogs, puppy
    housebreaking, male dogs marking indoors, female
    dogs in heat, dog incontinence and cats with
    urinary incontinence.
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  • Diapers       We suggest using Huggies brand since this brand
    held urine the best in our results.  If your dog urinates heavily,
    you can use a larger size disposable diaper.  You can also use
    Huggies "Overnights" which are available in some sizes and
    hold more urine.  Disposable diapers are used in garment sizes
    Small - XXL

  • Pads            Unlike a Maxi-Pad (feminine hygiene),
    Serenity/Tena pads (like Depends, Equate, etc.) are
    specifically made to absorb urine.  There are many absorbency
    levels within these types of pads.  You can purchase any type
    which fits your pets urination level.  Also if you want extra
    protection for your male dog, you can purchase Tena "male
    guards" which are triangular in shape. Pads are used in
    garment sizes XXXS, XXS, XS, XS Plus
A Word About Diapers and Pads
Diaper insert - female
Diaper insert - male