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"Hey guys, thank you so much for Tinkle Trousers.  We had just adopted
great temporary solution until he can build his confidence and house that
didn't work as well as the Tinkle Trousers.  Keep up the good work."

wonderful.  They work so well that as long as they are on, he
doesn't go anywhere at all and waits until we go outside.  The
marking everything is over.  He's become accustomed to
wearing them when we are here at home.  Thank you for this
wonderful invention."

Ginny, Buddy & Snoopy
belly bands just didn't work well.  They kept sliding off, and they didn't allow the area to him,
belly bands just didn't work well.  They kept sliding off, and they didn't allow the area to
breathe.  Since he scoots along, many times he would scoot right out of the band.

We found you through another Pug lover who had similar issues.  She suggested Tinkle
Trousers and the rest is history.  He wears them all the time, and they work just great!  He
sleeps in the bed with all the other Pugs, he gets to wander around the house during the
day, he is SO happy!  I love these.  Initially I was thinking - wow, that's a lot of money for a
harness for the dog!  But they are worth every penny.  They are well made, wash well, and
drip dry quickly.  Cecil is a happy Pug.  Thank you so much for a quality product that truly
does what it's supposed to do."

New Church, VA
Kuma is wearing a size XL dog diaper
himself in the house without even knowing it.  Every morning when we wake up, he
has wet himself while sleeping.  He's just like a baby again.  

Let me tell you, before I found  your website while searching for dog diapers, I
thought it was a lost cause as we had tried many diapers in the past.  Either they did
not fit or they were so uncomfortable the poor boy trouser has made an unbearable
situation bearable.

Thank you for making a product for folks in our situation...Kuma, my wife, and I all
very much appreciate it."

United Kingdom
Monty wearing his dog diaper
"We rescued Monty four years ago, when he was thought to be
around 10 years old by our vet.  Recently he has really lost
control of his bladder, so we searched and searched for a
solution.  We finally found Tinkle Trousers, and they have
made our lives much less stressful.  Monty is able to get
through the night without relieving himself on the floor, and we
simply change the diaper in the morning.  While we never
thought we'd change a diaper again after our five-year-old
became potty trained, it's nice for us to have a solution to the
old guy's problem.  Thanks for a great product."

Shelburne, VT
Ethel is wearing a size small dog diaper
Ethel is wearing a size small doggy diaper
"Ethel in her tinkle trousers -
loves them - and me too.  
Thanks for the diaper - it really
works well.  Ethel has a heart
complaint and is on lots of

We are all so happy with her


I cannot THANK YOU enough for providing such a wonderful product! I am the
(lucky) owner of two diabetic miniature dachshunds. My 10-lb male, Duke, who
was never truly housebroken anyway, would drink endlessly when first
diagnosed and could not control his bladder urges. I tried everything from wee
pads to baby diapers, but nothing fits the wiener-dog body! Like other
customers I was very frustrated and resigned myself to getting rid of my
carpets, crating more often, and cleaning up puddles of piddle. That is until I
found your website. When I saw that you actually used a 10-lb dachshund to
help in sizing I was sold. It took only a day or two for him to get used to
wearing it and then, as you can see, he went right back to playing with his
duck. He is now on insulin and needs the trousers much less often. I
whole-heartedly recommend this product! Thank you for saving my dog, my
floors, and my sanity! Spread the word!"

Annapolis, Maryland
"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Tinkle Trousers!  We
purchased one a few months ago for my little mixed breed dog.  He's approx.
11 yrs. old and weighs 20 lbs.  We adopted him from a shelter 6 years ago and
purchased one a few months ago for my little mixed breed dog.  He's approx.
issues for a few years now due to a combination of anxiety and age.  We tried
so many other products and had come to the point of just accepting the fact
that we would have to clean up after him everyday and that our furniture and
carpet would be ruined.  Then, we ordered a small pair of Tinkle Trousers.  
Wow!  This is by far the best purchase we have ever made!  It fits him
perfectly and it only took him a few minutes to get used to them.  Thank you
for making our lives a lot less stressful...and for saving our furniture and
carpet, too!"

Debra and Jamie
Lucky is wearing a size small Tinkle Trousers dog diaper
Ezra 7 lbs.  wearing xxs doggie diaper
getting harder for him to "hold it" for eight or nine hours while we are at
home but about once a week he will have an accident in the diapers and I
will find the pad soaked.  I'm so relieved because I can be at work and not
worry about the carpet becoming soiled or about what mess I will have to
clean up when I get home - there is no mess or dripping from the sides of
the diaper because it stays in place.  The thing I really like is that the
diaper is so easy to wash and dries so quickly that it's ready by the next
morning that I have to go to work.  It does make my life easier, and I hope
it makes Ezra's life easier knowing that he doesn't have to hold it if he
really can't.  Thank you for making this wonderful product!

"Our 4 y.o. Shih-Tsu, Chloe, was a chronic "marker" who was pretty good
about using her pee pads.  We just moved to a new place and decided to
try Tinkle Trousers instead of worrying about possible accidents.  Not
only does she seem very comfortable in them, but she has actually
stopped marking.  The one time she did soil the pad overnight, it didn't
leak at all and was extremely easy to change.  We are SO HAPPY to
have found this product!  For the first time, we don't have to worry about
Chloe at all times, and we are certain that she will be a gracious house
guest when we visit others' homes!  Thank you!

15 lb Chinese Crested wearing XS male dog diaper
"Just thought I'd let you know that your Tinkle Trousers are really doing the
trick.  Thank you so much!  It's nice knowing that my Mom & Dad aren't upset
anymore, like they were when I'm having accidents in the house."

Wagging Reviews,

Carmel, IN
"SPECK" a.k.a. Captain Underpants
using the garment for marking indoors
puppy-mill dog and these guys have a lot of issues marking.  Thank you so
much for your product.  Belly bands never tongue is always sticking out
because he only had three teeth due to neglect.

Grand Junction, CO