testimonial of doggie diaper from Pat
testimonial of doggie diaper from Pat
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"I received the Tinkle Trousers today.  They fit perfectly on Daniel, (our standard Dachshund).  I wrestled
and played for the longest time.  The trousers stayed right in place.  I have to confess the diaper worked,
because I found it full a while later. Good news is, it works, bad news is, Daniel's still marking in the house.
I thought he may have stopped.  At least he can be free to roam around and interact with the household as
we continue to train him.  Thanks for your product.  I have shared your site with my other dog groups
(Doxie and Bulldogs)."

Spring Branch, TX
Sophia wearing a size XS dog diaper
a bad problem with incontinence.  She
was destroying our home and this was
our last resort.    I have tried pet store
diapers and even my toddler's diapers
with no luck.  This product works great!  
I recommend it highly.  Thank you

Ft. Myers, Florida
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cat footprints for testimonials page
Dino is wearing a size Small dog diaper
Tinkle Trousers.  He incontinence
It was stressful for him and our
household dealing with the

Because of Tinkle Trousers, we
all can relax and enjoy each
other's company!"

Baltimore, MD
Niles is wearing an XS Plus trouser
"Our dear Niles, a Cairn Terrier who has been a most precious part of our
lives for eleven years, has had problems with incontinence for over a year.
We tried everything; pet diapers, baby diapers, taking him out every two
hours. Nothing worked. While surfing the net in order to find an answer to our
dilemma, I came upon the Tinkle Trousers site. When I looked at the design
and viewed the pictures of dogs and cats looking quite comfortable in them, I
decided to place an order. I measured Niles, per the instructions, and easily
found the proper size to order for him.
Now, we are able to slip it on and off without hassle. He is happy, we are happy and, as
you can see in the photos, Niles can sit on the couch once again, does not soil his
bedding nor the rugs or hardwood floors. Even his younger sister, Daphne, seems
happier! Thank you and Tinkle Trousers for giving us back extended quality time with
Much gratitude,

Richard and Carol
Greer, South Carolina
"Niles & Daphne"

"She only has to wear them to bed and she
does not mind.  She likes them and knows it
makes it much easier on mommy!  
Thank you
Tinkle Trousers!

Rochester, NY
testimonial of doggie diaper from Pat
allowed to sleep in bed again!"  Love Chuckie

p.s.  He is deformed on the rear part of his body and it was hard to get a
diaper to fit him right.  Because of the adjustable straps, if fits him nice.

Athol, MA
Chuckie is wearing a size XXS male dog diaper
year old Poodle, who had not been housebroken.  We
had to keep him tied to the kitchen table with pads all
over the floor around him.  We couldn't even sit at the
table & eat.  This went on until I searched the internet
out of desperation & found your product.  It is
wonderful.  He now goes where he wants to in the
house & no urine anywhere, except in the trousers.  
Thanks again!!!"

Trinity, NC
"I recently adopted a shelter dog with rear leg
paralysis and incontinence.  I bought your Tinkle
Trousers and what a difference it has made.  It has
freely around the house.  Thank you soooo much,
this is a great product that actually works."
Woodlyn, PA
Jake (17 yrs)  is 13 lbs. wearing  a size XS male dog diaper
"My name is Jake Jones, and I live in Kosciusko, Mississippi.  At the age of
approximately seven, I was adopted by my Mommy, Mary Lou Jones in 1997.  
She rescued me from a life of abuse and unhappiness.  She treated me like I was
a King...and I lived to sleep on every night (and all day if I wanted).

Ten years later...I found myself leaving little puddles everywhere and I did not
know why.  Suddenly my footsteps no longer lead to my bed but to an old leather
chair.  Dr. Quick said I had inoperable kidney stones due to my age.

After much frustration with regular doggie diapers, Mommy was desperate and
turned to the Internet where she found my second miracle.

Within moments, life is good again, and I'm back in the saddle (no pun intended)
where my footsteps once again lead to my king-sized bed with my king-sized
black satin pillow.

I love my Tinkle Trousers and highly recommend them to anyone with puddle
problems.  It has been an answer to our prayers.

Jake Jones,
his royal highness
King of Pecan Boulevard
Jones castle
He could no longer hold his bladder like he used to.  Plus, we found that it was becoming a habit, not just an at 60
pounds) are built differently and everything in stores didn't fit and didn't work.  It was incredibly frustrating!  Plus,
Thorn doesn't have just a trickle but a waterfall.  So we needed something that would be a "catch all" from the bladder.

The Tinkle Trousers are a perfect fit.  He's not that particularly happy wearing them (he is a proud ex-racer once and
we are sure for many more times.  We used to call him our little ThorneBoy, but we have since re-named him

Thanks again for creating this wonderful product!  I will be sure to spread the word."

Germantown, MD
Abby in her dog diaper
"We have an almost 10 mo. old yellow Lab, Abby, who we eventually
heat.  And since she (and her neutered brother) spend a good deal of
time in the house with us, I knew that she'd be miserable if we had to
keep her in the kennel for several weeks.  So, I purchased the Medium
Plus size of Tinkle Trousers for her.

My husband was a bit skeptical that she wouldn't keep them on - or that
they would come off when she and her brother (Nimo) were
rough-housing - as they love to do.  But, she's been great with them.

Thank you for a great product!"

Upper Marlboro, MD
Male dog diaper
Thanks for coming up with this idea!

Winter Haven, FL