pet diaper illustration
dog diaper logo for Tinkle Trousers
Tinkle Trousers is owned by Tamashii Co., LLC
  •   For male and female dogs and cats
  •   Loss of bladder control / incontinence
  •   (ideal for geriatrics)
  •  Female dogs in heat
  •  Male dogs marking indoors
  •  Post-surgery (major abdominal/bladder)
      protection of staples, sutures or tubes
  •  Dog housebreaking
  •  Amputees and Paralyzed dogs
We (Tamashii Co., LLC) are the manufacturer/owner of Tinkle Trousers. The dog diapers are made of a breathable,
waterproof, nylon fabric, which when used in conjunction with a disposable baby diaper/pad, will aid in protecting your
furniture, floor coverings and your pet's bedding.  The sizes Small-XXL  have Velcro flaps (inside)  that are specifically
made to conform and attach to any disposable baby diaper with Velcro tabs which have a tremendous amount of
absorption.  The "XS Series" uses an incontinence pad which adheres to the inside body of the fabric.

The washable doggie diapers  
are not designed to hold feces.   With proper care, they should last for years.

Once the trousers are adjusted properly to fit your pet, it will stay in position whether they sit, stand, rough-house or
move about.  It will not pull down behind their rear-end even if the disposable baby diaper/pad is completely saturated.   
Check out our
fitting instructions for more details as well as a short  list of breeds already using this pet diaper.  It
also gives a
measuring guide to fine tune your order.

Check out our
FAQ section for additional questions you may have.
Tinkle Trousers proprietary male and female dog diaper
Made in the U.S.A.
The illustration to the right shows the ability for changing the disposable
baby diaper/pad from either side while your pet is lying down (which is ideal
for geriatric/larger pets) by releasing either side-release buckle (A or B).  
They are capable of adjusting to a heavier or thinner pet within its size range
(XXXS, XXS, XS,XS Plus S, S+, M, M+, LG, XL, XXL).  Experiment with
the adjustable buckles as to what best fits your pet's comfort level.

The nylon material used is extremely light-weight and breathable so your pet
will not overheat indoors in the summertime.
XS cat diaper, Figaro weighs 10 lbs

If you would like to pay by personal check, print this page
and mail it back to us
"This is going to make our household a
happier place!  We are so grateful to you
for inventing this wonderful product."

Very best regards,

Atlanta, GA
"I wanted to let you know that this product is a
Godsend.  This was our last resort and it works
wonderfully.  Oh My God, I thought, A MIRACLE.  
Our dog is twelve years old and has a bladder tumor.  
She is taking medication that will hopefully shrink or
keep the tumor the same size, however, the bladder
issues and urges, were an awful lot to deal with.  
Gated off rooms, plastic tarps on carpets, just awful.

I cannot thank you enough, I feel you have saved my
dog's life and given me more time with my loving pet.  
The person who invented this is entitled to one big
Thank you again,

Rochester, NY
"An incredibly effective design...I've tried two
home-made approaches and purchased two other
products, but none of them is 1/2 as effective as the
Tinkle Trouser."

McGraw, NY
The Ultimate Dog Diaper
"THANK YOU and again THANK YOU.  We have
a 15 year old Bichon Frise.  He has always had an
issue with bladder control.  This works and
wonder why they are not in stores.   I would pay
double because of the problems the urine leaves
in stains and smells in a home.  Congratulations
on a great design.  Even our Basil has no problem
wearing it.  He stands waiting for it to be put on."

Northville, MI
"Thank you for making this item.  My
dog is 11 with cushings disease and
diabetes, she is also blind.  Even though
her diabetes is under control, she has
been urinating all over for a while now.  
She is not acting sick so its too hard to
put her to sleep so we started caging
her - that was hard for me to do since I
am gone most of the day and she has
never been caged a day in her life.  
Anyway, I tried diapers and all the
garbage they sell in the pet stores,
nothing stayed on.  I looked on line and
found you, thank God.  What a great
contraption this is.  I am so grateful to
you and I will recommend this item to
everyone who has an old dog or even a
puppy to train.  It's awesome.  I can't
thank you enough."

Downers Grove, IL
"Thank you!  I just wish we'd discovered
them 2 years ago.  Genuinely life

United Kingdom
"Thanks so much for developing this product.  We
moved into a brand new home and knew we could
no longer continue to gate/watch our 8 year old
male pug who has been a chronic marker since we
got him at a year old.  These diapers REALLY
work well and we've recommended them to our vet
as well for other dogs and cats.  Our pug is highly
active and runs all over with his trousers on.  He
has full run of the house without fears of marking.  
Great product."

Grand Island, NE
Solution Graphics
"Our female Schnauzer had 8 puppies.  We decided
to keep one of the male puppies.  We named him
Jack, Prince of Plantations.  As soon as he learned
to lift his leg, he did...everywhere!  During his 8
years of life, he has marked our furniture, anything
left on the floor, and the clothes of all our house
guests.  I always loved Jack, but I sure didn't like
him.  Now that he has his very handsome Tinkle
Trousers, I finally like him.  He has quit even trying
to mark anything.  His even stays dry at night, when
he used to sneak out of bed to prowl the house to
find things to mark.  Thanks for finally letting me
enjoy the company of Jack.  I wish I had found your
product earlier."

Winter Haven, FL
"I Received your product and already I
don't know how we lived without them.  
Elliott, an aging stout Yorkie was very
cooperative about wearing the black and
brown version. They work perfectly and
already I'm dreaming about removing the
plastic from my new area rug.  Washing
our floors hourly appears to be a chore
that will be able to be put aside.  The
trousers fit perfectly, look like a regular
harness (not like a diaper) and work
exactly as promised.  Thank you for a
great invention."

Stone Mountain, GA
" I just wanted to say your Tinkle Trousers are the
best product of its kind that I have bought to date.  
I have 2 Pugs and the male was constantly marking
his territory in the house when we were out which
was getting out of control.  The trousers work
brilliantly, he doesn't even wee in them now but
simply by wearing them they stop him from
marking.  They are also really comfy for him to
wear as it is not tight fitting over his boy bits and
best of all he can't get out of this like all the others
we tried."

Many thanks,

United Kingdom
"We have found your product fantastic with
"Squeezy" (Bernese Mountain Dog) as it allows him
much more freedom and means we aren't constantly
rushing around behind him with a mop and bucket.  
He is completely incontinent of urine and feces and
as you can imagine, he would leave big puddles --
meaning he gets through a size 6 diaper every 2-3
hours but we love him and Tinkle Trousers enable
him to lead a normal life."
Thank you,

United Kingdom
"Tinkle Trousers have saved our dog's life
and greatly improved ours.  My wife was
on the edge of a nervous breakdown as
nothing we tried, doggy diapers, training
pads etc. were getting the job done. The
smell in the house was getting
unbearable.  We thought about putting our
17 year old best friend to sleep.  Tinkle
Trousers have saved the day.  We now
rely on them so much we thought we
should order another."

United Kingdom
Merchant Accounts
"I received my Tinkle Trousers on Monday and had
them on that night.  I have to confess even after
getting them strapped on, I was very skeptical.  I
looked at them and questioned myself, how this
could be any better than my cutting out the tail hole
and putting regular diapers on my dog.  I was
astounded by the results.  My 11 yr. old chocolate
Lab was diagnosed with diabetes in Jan, one week
after I had to put my 13 yr Doberman to sleep.  I
was already devastated by the loss of my first pet,
my first dog and then to hear that she had diabetes
and may not survive was not the news I was
expecting.  I was determined to keep her alive but I
had no idea what I would be up against.  The
constant urination and clean up was starting to take
its toll on me.  I had tried everything from
ridiculously expensive doggy diapers to purchasing
baby diapers and cutting a hole out for the tail.  
They worked to some extent, but I always came
home to a mess.  I stumbled across the Tinkle
Trousers website while searching for bulk diapers
for dogs.  I figured I could give it a shot and it
wouldn't be any worse than the money I had already
thrown in to buying diapers.  Its been a god send.  I
cannot wait to purchase a second set as a back
up.  Thank you."

Columbus, OH
"Your product is truly amazing, wonderful,
fantastic.  I have a 14 yr old, 100 lb
Labrador Henry, who is incontinent.  The
cloth diapers at the pet store would create
bloody marks on his tummy if the elastic
was too tight, or fall off if the elastic was
loosened, leaving all of the urine to soak
into his dog bed.  It was a nightmare.

Nothing leaks with Tinkle Trousers, not
even a drop.  Henry is comfortable, sleeps
like a log and completely indifferent to the
Tinkle Trousers, which I take as a sign
that they are comfy and don't bother him.

Thank you so much for making Henry's
life, and my life, so profoundly easier."

Chicago, IL
"You have invented the best product
possible for a pet.  I can never express
my gratitude.  Your unique design is
easy to use, works well and is not
confining to the dog.  You have saved
me money and aggravation.  Also made
my pet happy.  We can't be happier with
your product, I wish I found it 8 years
ago.  I would have been using it since
then.  Thank you for your invention."

Rhode Island

Cat Testimonials
"I typically don't take time to write to a
company about their product, but I felt
compelled to do it this time.  This product is
absolutely wonderful!!  I couldn't find any
testimonials about cats on your website, so
I was a little apprehensive in spending
money on this product.  I have a cat that is
incontinent and although he's been in
diapers for awhile...I felt bad for him
because to keep the diapers on him, I had
to really snug them up...and it was actually
wearing the hair off him in spots.  They
also didn't fit quite right and I always found
myself trying to modify them to try to get
them to fit right.  I've tried almost every
brand out there and was surfing around
when I came upon your product.  I ordered
your product and my cat's life has
changed!!  He wasn't real thrilled at first
(not unlike when I put him in diapers).  He
walked backwards the first night trying to
get out of it...I was a little nervous that he
wouldn't get used to it...but after about a
week he seemed pretty much back to
normal..  I can't say enough about this fits him, he hasn't been able to
get out of it...and the best part, it doesn't
leak or get in the way of his bowel
movements...the diapers were always a
problem in that department.  I use a thick
Poise pad, cut it in half and it works
great!!  Your product has improved my
cat's quality of life as well as mine.  It's so
much easier to put this on than the diapers
and I can leave him run the whole house
when I'm gone since I'm sure he can't get
out of the trousers.  
Cat owners out
this product works...may take a
little time for your cat to get used to it...but
be patient because it's worth it!!  Thank
you so much for caring and developing
something like this for the furry members of
our family"

Gray, GA

"Hi,  I was at my wits end with my old
calico cat.  She's around 15 y.o. & I love
her to death, but I was close to considering
putting her to sleep, which I truly oppose in
this situation.

About 2 years ago she started urinating on
the floor.  After spending more money than
I should have at two different vets
repeatedly having her checked out, I came
to the conclusion that she had just gotten in
a bad habit I couldn't get her out of.

And then I discovered Tinkle Trousers.  
The folks at the TT company were helpful
in getting her fit with the right size as she is
a little bit (a lot) fat.

She started out wearing her Trousers
24/7.  But I soon noticed that she would not
urinate in them unless it was a dire
emergency.  So I simply came up with
several convenient times that I would
remove her Trousers and put her in her
box.  We kept doing this for several weeks
and at the same time, after she went in her
box, I would start leaving her Trousers off
longer and longer until she was going the
entire day without them, and just wearing
them at night.  I suddenly had total control
over her box habits.  It wasn't long after
that I was able to leave them off at night

Wow, you folks really saved the day, and
my little friend, and my conscience.  I can
even leave her overnight without having to

I (we) don't know how to thank you enough,

Frank & Kitty
"THANK YOU!!!  I Can't say it enough.  We
ordered one set for our 14 lb. Silky Terrier last
week.  It is the only one marketed that stays put
and works.   I just ordered another one.  You guys

Somerset, NJ
"This product has created a stress free
environment for my son's small breed dog.  
We were on the verge of re-homing him due
to his issues of peeing.  He has pretty much
housebroken himself with your product in just
days of use.  LOVE THIS!  My son is happy
to be able to have his beloved dog out to
play all the time and not have to listen to us
say, "be careful and watch him!"  My whole
house highly recommends your product.

Temple, TX
"OMG...Tinkle Trousers is truly a blessing.  
Our little Maltese, Bella, decided she didn't
want to be potty trained anymore.  She was
starting to ruin all our flooring and we were
at our wits-end.  We took anyone who
would recommend.  Then one night, I was
googling for HELP, when I found this
website...I read all the testimonials and we
put in on Bella, totally thinking it wouldn't
work and she would rub it  off.  Well, after
10 minutes she was used to it.  We were a
little wary still, then after we continued to
watch her and saw her squat and go  to the
bathroom, and the Tinkle Trousers caught
everything, no MESS at all on the
flooring...we were getting excited, but still
thought we would give it a day.  Then, after
the day, we realized this actually works...I
mean, for WORKS.  Well, I posted it
all over FACEBOOK about how awesome it
is and that it was the BEST invention for
dogs everywhere.  I am sooooo happy with
it and I thank you soooo much for sharing
your invention to the world.  ONE HAPPY

Tinkle Trousers logo - trademark
Maddie and Moe Joe in their dog diapers
Romeo in his dog diaper
"This product was a life saver - now
ordering a 2nd one so I can have a back
up one.  I can't tell you how much money I
spent on other doggie diaper designs!  So
when I just happened to come across
your design I could tell by looking at it that
this just might work!  Well, work it did, it is
a life saver.  I have a 100 pound male
German Shepherd that lost the use of his
back legs and I was doing wash 2-3 times
a day while using all other products I tried
due to leakage and failure to stay in place
- they always ended up down around his
feet because he drags himself to get
around.  No more - stays in place and is
very, very durable, very, very well made.  
Like I said, back to get another.  I thank
you and my German Shepherd thanks
you!!!  I rarely take the time to write
reviews, but wanted everyone to know -
this product works!!  Well, well worth the
price.  I spent that much and more on
useless products sitting in a bascket!  Will
send a picture of my Dakota wearing his
red trousers in the near future!  Gotta go
order my 2nd trouser!!!"

Saylorsburg, PA
This dog's name is Canon wearing Tinkle Trousers dog diaper.
US Troops - Free Shipping
See ordering
page for more
US Military troops - Free Shipping
"I am writing to thank you for your great diaper!  I
have a dog who is now 12 yrs old, however, his age
has nothing to do with his tinkle problem.  
I work at home so he is hardly ever alone, but when
he is, he gets SO MAD!  He will lift his leg on anything
he thinks we like just to let us know how mad he is
that we left him.
We have tried a kennel, he got so nervous he started
to paw frantically at the bars and tore two of his nails
out.  We tried to lock him in the bathroom with the tile
floor, he got so worked up he threw up.
We tried belly bands but due to his chubby belly they
didn't fit right.  We tried other diapers and he quickly
learned he could scoot across the floor for them to
come off.
I bought these as a last ditch effort to save everything
in our house or not have to hire a pet sitter every time
we left.
The first night we left him when he had his Tinkle
Trousers on we came home to a soaking wet diaper
but a totally dry house!
For the most part he now has a dry diaper when we
come home - but sometimes he still reverts back to
his old self and will have a wet one....better his diaper
than my house!"

"Molly is a 14 yr old miniature Pinscher.  She came to
live with us shortly after she turned 10.  Her son,
Ozzy, has been with us since he was a puppy.  We
realized pretty quickly that she was not trained to let
us know when she needed to "do her business".  We
rarely caught her peeing on our carpet, but over the
past 4 yrs, she has ruined our living room and hall

During the times when we are gone, we had been
kenneling her to at least contain her pee if she had an
accident.  Cleaning her, her blanket and cage up daily
became old real quick (plus the thought of her lying in
her pee did not sit well with us)  We tried the doggie
diapers and wraps on the market at our local pet
supply, but she would wiggle out of them.  When I
found your product, I was very pleased because
there as no way she was wiggling out of them!!

I am very pleased with your product.  Molly wears
her trousers during the day, even when we are home,
because she can do her business and within 10
minutes, she will pee on the floor (ugh).  I would
estimate she only pees in them about once every
three days.  At night, she is allowed to be "naked".  
So far, she is not peeing in the bed...but the first time
she does, Tinkle Trousers will become full time.

Thank you for creating a wonderful product which will
allow me to get a new carpet :)

Very satisfied customers"

Mike and Rennie
Burton, MI
Midas - 172 lbs Great Dane male dog wearing size XXL dog diaper
Pet of the Month
Gilbert the goat wearing Tinkle Trousers
"We wanted to share this with you so you know you have made one happy little guy.  We brought Gilbert
home not too long ago, his mother was unable to care for him properly.  Having several goats raised indoors
previously we knew we had to find a solution to potty issues.  Your product works great and Gilbert has no
issues wearing Tinkle Trousers.  As you can tell by the photo he is quite comfortable and they do not
impede him in anyway.  Thanks for making a great product."

The volunteer staff at HCF and Gilbert D. Goat

This is an awesome facebook page we encourage our customers to check out:  
I rescued 2 Beagles about a month ago, Mary Jane and her
son Rudy, from a place where they were not being cared for
properly, were left outside, and were very neglected. Mary
Jane is a senior girl, about 9-10 yrs old and Rudy is about
6-7 yrs old. Since they lived outside their whole lives, I knew
I would have potty training to do. They both did amazing! I
decided against crate training, because I'm home with them
more than not, and I want them to be comfortable and free
to wander around when I'm not. My only issues that I had
were with Rudy. He marked sometimes, and if I left him,
even for 2min to walk outside, I would come in to a big wet
spot on my couch or wherever he chose, and a very sad,
guilty looking hound sitting in front of me. I bought a belly
band that was a complete waste of money, and not cheap
at all! It came off all the time and leaked when it did stay on.
I did a search for male diapers that work on the Internet and
found your site. As soon as I opened the page I KNEW this
was exactly what I was looking for!!! I read the information,
measured Rudy and ordered them immediately. They came
within 3 days and I put them on him immediately. THEY
WORK!!!!! Rudy doesn't even know they're on him. They're
very comfortable on him and fit perfectly in all the right
places. He is about 38lbs and with his measurements I got
him the small plus size, and use the Huggies size 1 diaper
with them. This has truly saved so much for me. Between
the money I've spent on cleaning supplies, the time involved,
and the pain caused from the constant cleanup, I was
feeling very hopeless amongst other things. So a very
heartfelt THANK YOU to you!!!! I seriously wish I would
have found them sooner. There is nothing at all in stores that
I've seen like this, and is honestly the only thing that will
work. I shared your site with my sister, who has 2 yorkies
and a Maltese, and has been dealing with major issues in
her home. Nothing has worked for her either and she was
pretty excited to place her order:) I'll continue to spread the
word on these. Fantastic product! Thank you again!
Oswego, NY

Our Jack Russell Terrier Amadeus was marking all
around our home after the introduction of a new
animal.  He went on furniture and the carpeting, and it
was a major project to treat and clean the damage.  
We tried normal diapers but they fell off and didn't fit
right... He would still lift his leg and manage to do the
deed. Since getting the Tinkle Trousers it is
impossible for him to go anywhere inside of the
house, and to make it even better he looks super
tough in the camouflage!  

The product is extremely well made and easy to
clean, and the fact that a standard diaper fits inside of
it makes it incredibly helpful and easy to use.  Money
well spent!!!

Thanks so much for the help!!!
Amadeus in his camouflage waterjproof dog diaper
Pet of the Month?  E-mail us a picture of your pet wearing the trousers, include their name, weight (any other
information you with) and a brief summary of how they're doing with their new dog diaper and we'll put their
picture on our pages.  Each month we'll choose a "pet of the month" to post on this page.