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About Our Business
We are pleased to introduce a new male & female dog diaper (which will also work
as a cat diaper) into the market.

This uniquely designed doggie diaper was created over 11 years ago for my 2
male Akitas who were 13 years old and had lost control of their kidneys.  Since
medications were not an option (for various reasons) and being unable to find a
pet diaper that was suitable to me, the idea of "Tinkle Trousers" was born.

Every effort was made with the pet's comfort a priority.  We endeavored to make a
reliable, comfortable, safe and durable diapered jacket for pets, and we think we
have succeeded.  With over 3 years of trial testing and repeated washings before
they went into production for sale, they still looked like new and worked fantastic.  
The trousers have proven to work for both male and female dogs and we
encourage anyone who has exhausted all other types of dog diapers to try this

The dog pants were designed predominantly for geriatric/ambulatory pets but will
provide excellent aid to younger pets for housebreaking, female dogs in heat and
male dogs marking indoors.  It allows virtually unencumbered free movement and
should in no way restrict you or your pet's activities.

By the way, I have dedicated this company to one of my dogs who was so very
patient to be my model for prototypes of this jacket by naming the company after
him.  His name was Tamashii.
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