Testimonial from Darla
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testimonial of doggie diaper from Pat
Annie is wearing a siize medium dog diaper

Annie is a female Bulldog wearing a size medium.  This is what her owner had to say.

"Other garments didn't work.  They rely on the protruding tail to help hold the garment in
place.  Bulldogs have a very small corkscrew tail which let the other types of garments slip
off.  Your product however works great and stays in place well."

Pleasant, SC
Testimonial from Darla
Romeo is a 20 lb. male
Bichon Frise.  He is
wearing size small
Romeo is 20 lbs. and is wearing a size small dog diaper
"Thank you for such a
wonderful product.  
The trouser fits nicely
and is made of great
material.  I will always
use Tinkle Trousers
from now on."

Thanks again,

Southaven, MS
testimonial from Arlene
Bianca is a 15 lb.
female Bichon Frise.

"The extra small is a
perfect fit.  This might
help people who are
wondering if an X-small
or a Small will fit their
pet.  Thanks again for
all your great help."

Farmingdale, NY
Bianca is 15 lbs. wearing an X-small dog diaper
"We love the trousers!!!  We have tried numerous other things that did not work.  I
have also looked everywhere for something that would be efficient as well as
comfortable but could not find anything.  These really are perfect.  My Jack Russell
is very active and he is able to run around as usual with the trousers on.  He doesn't
even seem to notice them."

Corona, CA
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dog prints for testimonials page
Roxy (16 lbs) is wearing an X-Small dog diaper
Seth (14 lbs.)  is wearing an X-Small dog diaper
"HI, I just wanted to let you know that we did receive the garment in a very timely fashion.  The fit is good, the
coverage is great, so much better than the style you get through the catalogs and pet stores.  Thanks again, this
has saved the relationship I have with my 6 year old male Jack Russell."

Redding, CA
45 lbs. wearing Size Medium dog diaper
Ginger is a 15 year old Vizsla and weighs 45 lbs.  She is wearing a size Medium dog

"The trousers are great ...these really work!"


Annapolis, MD
Coco is 23 lbs. wearing a size small doggie diaper
"I had ordered Tinkle Trousers after an exhaustive search for a product
that would be the end all to our "marking problem". Well let me tell you,
starting with the prompt, courteous service and overnight delivery, I was
impressed!  Coco, our 7 year old Shih Tzu is one of 3 dogs we have, and
unfortunately the one who never gave up "marking" even after neutering.  
Moving into a new house, the trousers have saved us many hours worth
of carpet cleaning not to mention the ultimate replacement of our rugs.  
And most of all Coco is quite happy with his trousers, as you can see in
the picture.  

Thanks again, and I will recommend your product to others, it's great!"

Barbara, Phoenixville, PA
Tasha wearing the doggie diaper
"Tinkle Trousers have been a life saver!!  They've saved our carpets!  
The Trousers do not inhibit their movement in any way.  I am so glad I
came across this product in my desperate search for a solution.  We
tried an incontinence medication and there were too many side effects,
even at the lowest dose."

Thanks again,

Howie and Ashley
We rescue senior dogs....we've had Ginger and Tasha for 1 year, 15 and 17 years old.  
Ginger wearing the doggie diaper
Maddie and Moe Joe wearing their doggie diapers
"I wanted to let you know how wonderful your diapers are for
our dogs ~ Moe Joe and Maddie.  We have two Basset
Hounds that are not fully potty trained and needless to say we
had a mess in the house!  We originally bought diapers from
the major pet supply store.  They did not work at all.  The
dogs kept coming out of the diaper or the diaper would not
hold enough urine.  I found your doggy diaper on the internet
and it has been a God send.  It is easy to put on and holds a
lot of urine.  You have a great product!  I would recommend
this doggy diaper to anyone.    Thanks again!"

Mary and Josh
Fountain Valley, CA
"Maddie and Moe Joe"
Wendy is wearing a size Small Plus dog diaper and she weighs 40 lbs.
" Wendy is a rescue - she was a puppy mill producing female.  Due to the
incontinence, nobody was willing to take her in and she remained in foster
care for 3-4 years.  
She is without a doubt the sweetest dog in the world, although very timid.  
We tried a few solutions including from the pet-store pants w/liners, cloth
baby diapers, moistureproofing every accessible surface and finally
barricading her in the kitchen.  
I saw your product online and it looked like it might stay in place.  It arrived
quickly and since that evening, she has had the run of the house with no
leaks.  She is becoming a real family dog!
Thanks for the great product, you made it possible for this sweet dog to
finally have a home and regular family interaction!"

Beethoven is 128 lbs. wearing an XL dog diaper

"Beethoven is 128 lbs. and fell down a flight of stairs a year or so ago and herniated a few discs in his back - with this
he lost bowel and bladder control - we have been crazy with his urinating in our home for the past year - these Tinkle
Trousers are a life saver - no more puddles - he doesn't seem to mind them at all, but does seem taken back when he
urinates - he looks on the floor and up at me as if to say, "where did it go?"  Your product has made a world of
difference for our entire family - as you can see he is a huge dog.  The trousers fit him like they were custom made."

Yardley, PA
"I received the Tinkle Trousers today for Utah...he is our special boy in Boxer Angels Rescue with a kidney disorder.  
They fit him great and are doing a terrific job.  He was transferred to me from his first foster home due to his accidents
so we decided to purchase the trousers for him and TA-DAA we are all happy campers.
Thank you for your great product!!!

Montgomery, NY
Boxer Angels Rescue
"Your Tinkle Trousers are truly a Godsend.  Our female terrier's problem with "leaking" started after she was spayed.  We gave her PPA which managed the problem.  
However, when she was 15 1/2 years old, she developed kidney failure and she was leaking uncontrollably.  I was desperate!  Now I had two serious problems that
jeopardized my dog's life.  And she, Mitzy, is such a fabulous dog! and I will do anything to save her..but your Tinkle Trousers saved BOTH of us.  Truly a fantastic and clever
item.  Glad to say Mitzy is doing well, she still greets us with a waggy-tail, a change in diet is keeping her kidneys in check; Mitzy has the run of the house again, and we
can enjoy her company for the rest of her life.

I have told my vet about your Tinkle Trousers and I encourage you to continue to advertise this great product in vet journals and such.  Thank you so very much for such a
great product!"

Alexandria, VA
Utah wearing size Medium Plus
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one of the worst experiences of my life.  Luckily she pulled through with only a few injuries, one of the injuries was nerve damage to her behind. The vet warned us that she
might become incontinent later and was doing fine but was not able to go to the bathroom.  A few weeks went by and we took her to the vet again.  The vet informed us that
she probably wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom by herself ever again.  We bought diapers from Petco but they kept sliding off.  We tried to attach the diapers to men's
boxers her behind. The vet warned us that she might become incontinent those ideas and had to make sure she was on a towel at all times because of the damage to
her nerves.  She came home a few days Of course this was hard for her because she likes to go wherever later and was doing fine but was not able to go to the
bathroom.  A we are in the house  I knew that this was not going to work for much few weeks went by and we took her to the vet again.  The vet longer and decided to do
some research on incontinent dogs.  informed us that she probably wouldn't be able to go to the Which is when I found your website and thought maybe this is the
bathroom by herself ever again.  We bought diapers from Petco but answer.  After the first day of using the trousers it was like this is the answer to all our problems.  She
was able to move around the house without a problem and we weren't worried about her peeing on rugs.  I have to say this is one of the best products my family and I
have ever bought. Teja is happy that she does not have to be confined to a towel at all times.  I am so happy that this worked!  I can't thank you enough for coming up with
Tinkle Trousers!  Teja went to her annual appointment a couple of months ago and the vet thought it was a fantastic product and took down the website so she could let
other owners know who have the same problems with dogs.

Thank you so much for what you do!"

East Amherst, NY