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Urinary incontinence in dogs and cats can be a real stressful situation for a pet owner.  We
have included Q&A's below on questions that have been asked in the past.  We hope this
information is useful in helping you to determine if our product is right for you and your pet.
Q - Does your doggie diaper hold solid waste?

A - Our product does not hold feces.  The dog diaper is free and clear of the rectum allowing your
dog or cat to have a bowel movement outside of the garment.

Q - My dog cannot stand up for long periods of time.  Can I easily change the disposable
baby diaper without making my dog stand up?

A - Yes, you can change their diaper even while they are sleeping.  The three side-release buckles
on their back can be released so you can remove the baby diaper/pad, clean your pet, and insert a
new disposable baby diaper/pad all while they are lying down.

Q - Will your product stay on my pet even if they are young and very active?

A - Yes, your dog can run, play and wrestle with other dogs and our product still stays in place.  
Your pet will
never walk out of the garment.

Q - Will my dog be comfortable?

A - Most dogs get used to the trousers within 5 minutes of their first trial period.  The trousers are
not tight or restrictive.  It is not constrictive around the tummy area which is the most sensitive.  In
fact, the garment is quite loose in the tummy area leaving the elasticized disposable diaper
(attached inside the garment) to hug their body.

Q - Where does the disposable baby diaper go, I don't see it in any pictures?

A - The disposable diaper is placed underneath the pet inside of the garment.  The Velcro portions
on the disposable diaper attach to Velcro sections that are sewn into the garment.  This keeps the
disposable diaper from shifting forward & back or from side to side.

Q - I'm not real familiar with disposable baby diapers or adult bladder pads.  What am I
looking for and where do I buy them?  

A - You can buy disposable baby diapers and adult bladder pads at any local grocery store or
discount store.  You will be looking for any name brand diaper (we recommend Huggies) that uses
the words "Diapers for Babies" or "Baby Diapers".  There will be a size associated with each
package (e.g. Preemies, Newborn, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6).  Do not purchase
anything that reads "Lil-Swimmers", "Pull-ups", "Training Pants", as these are more like underwear
and do not open up flat and do not have Velcro tabs on them.  
The adult bladder pads (Serenity/Tena Pads which we recommend) are for bladder leaks in
humans and are also found at grocery/discount stores near the pharmacy section.  There are
many absorbency levels within the pads, so choose which best suits your pet's needs.
**  We send along a Huggies diaper (for sizes Small and up) or a Tena pad (for sizes XXXS, XXS,
XS, XS Plus) with your purchase so you know what to look for in the future.  This way your pet will
be able to use the dog diaper immediately upon receipt.

Q - Are these doggie diapers washable?

A - Yes.  Machine wash warm and hang to dry.  Do not dry on heat as this will deteriorate the
waterproof membrane on the material.  Also, drying in the dryer will inevitably crack the buckles in
due time since the buckles will continuously hit the sides of the machine.  The washing instructions
are also on the backside of the label with our logo.  Make sure you close all Velcro flaps so the
fabric will not get snagged while in the wash.

Q - Are these difficult to put on and take off?

A - Once you understand how the garment works, it takes about 3 seconds to take off and about 6
seconds to put on.  Once the straps are adjusted just right, there should be no reason to readjust
them each time you put on or remove the garment.

Q - The "bib" portion of my garment seems to be too low on my pet.  Did I order the right

A - The "bib" portion is the U-shape which is at their chest and below their head.  This "U" should
be well below their throat so when your pet lowers his/her head to drink, he/she will not get choked.

Q - My male dog seems to be urinating past the disposable diaper and into the
waterproof garment itself.  What am I doing wrong?

A - This is an adjustment issue.  The garment should be shifted forward (i.e. the square on their
back should be towards the center of their back and not pulled towards their rear).  To fix this
problem, loosen the buckle at their tail, tighten the 2 shoulder buckles and tighten the loop behind
their neck.  You should easily be able to shift the garment forward about 1-2 inches by this
adjustment which will position the disposable diaper underneath his penis.  Our picture showing the
Doberman is the correct way the garment should be worn.

Q - The fabric seems a bit stiff - will it soften up?

A - Yes, as you wash the nylon, it becomes quite soft and will no longer feel stiff.